Getting suboptimal grades in the DSE examination was a big setback for Winnie, but that made her realize what she was lacking all along. Cutting off social events and focusing on herself became routine in the 7 months of preparation for her second DSE examination. Of course, the path of retaking the exam came with questions and doubts, but the whole journey allowed her to not only reflect on her own, but also grow as a person.

The whole process of pursuing grades and scores has made Winnie see her dreams come to fruition. But it has also sparked her doubts about the current education system: students are inherently bounded by examinations and scores, restraining their curiosity over knowledge and the opportunity to understand the world.

Though very skeptical about the current system, Winnie is realistic about the status quo and believes there is a long way till we can see actual changes in the system. Before that happens, we need to stay hopeful for the youths and let them realize the exam is not the only end game they have.




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