As an SEN with learning disabilities, Timothy does not excel academically and works hard to compensate for his own shortcomings. As an IVE student, Timothy doesn’t have much space to use his talent and very often needs to work overnight to finish his work on time with his SEN handicap. He however didn’t give in to his limits and faced his handicapped head and continued striving for excellence.

Outside of academics, Timothy’s goal is to help those around him and work to become a social worker to help more people and spread positivity to everyone around Hong Kong. Timothy demonstrates incredible social skills and uses his kind heart to help others like himself through different activities, like acting as a weekend coach for baseball and taking pride in the number of friends he made through helping people.

Timothy thinks Hong Kong’s society is lacking in opportunities and freedom. It is also oppressive in his eyes. Timothy hopes Hong Kong can give SENs more chances to meet new friends and acquire new skills to compensate for their lack of academic skills and give students opportunities to find out what they like to forge their own paths.




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