Yau Yu / Steven

After finishing HKDSE this May, Steven feels that he finally has the time to consolidate his thoughts and explore life. Steven compares marching into the examination hall to “pending to be executed”. He believes that education has engulfed the quality time of a student, and life begins only after finishing the examination. In Steven’s words, his post-examination life has been self-guided as if there is an internal GPS, which has led him into the exploration of philosophy. His natural passion for abstract, theoretical and philosophical ideology could also manifest in his frequent resort to metaphor during the interview. Despite his thirst for philosophy, Steven did not consider pursuing a degree in philosophy in Hong Kong due to the realistic concerns of making ends meet. Instead, he plans to either study abroad or urban planning locally.

Steven’s interest in the study of urban planning was cultivated because of his love for the city. Apart from being a DSE fighter, Steven is also a passionate photographer who enjoys capturing the landscapes of Hong Kong. “I thought it was my love for photography. Never had I realised it was my love for Hong Kong until I took photos elsewhere.” The reason why Steven loves Hong Kong is simple - “Hong Kong is really beautiful”. Concurring that Hong Kong has felt increasingly unfamiliar under the major changes in recent years, Steven disagrees that it makes the city worth any less of his love. Oppositely, he believes that his love for the city nurtures his reluctance to see the city fails.



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