Majoring in Global Business at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sammy is an outlier who deviates from the general impression that most have on students in a commonly-acknowledged top-notch programme. Brought up neither in a wealthy family nor a prestigious secondary school, Sammy dreamt of entering the Global Business programme, which was not popular among his peers during his college years. The discouragement almost appeared to be sounding: no one from his secondary school had ever made it to the global business programme, why on earth would he think that he would be the chosen one?

Sammy has been longing for the chance to explore the world since a teenager. Constrained by the financial situation, books were his lens when travelling could not be his choice. Sammy believes that reading sets a fair ground for youths from different classes. Overcoming the inheritance of wealth, social status and power, Sammy decided to offer a helping hand to youths who face similar struggles and equalise the right to equality education. Aspiring to prove to the younger generation that they can, Sammy provides free tutorials to secondary school students and shares study tips on a social platform.

Having experienced and broken the cycle of opportunity inheritance, Sammy acknowledges that the income gap breeds the resource gap, especially in nurturing youths. Sammy dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in providing education to youths one day.




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