Melody Tam

Top achiever, YouTuber, teacher, entrepreneur and iBanker, Melody looks like a winner in all aspects of life. However, what people do not know is that the one who wears the crown bears the crown. Studying in a non-prestigious secondary school in Hong Kong, she was often told that it would be impossible for her to get into the Global Business program at the University. This made her even more determined to study to ace the exams and prove to everyone that she could do it.

With all the hard work and struggles, she has accomplished everything she set out to do. However, after entering society, she realized that something important was missing. All years of exam-oriented training have made her think rigidly and non-creatively. She also found that Hong Kong people tend to use income level and occupation as determinants of people’s value. Despite all that, she still feels grateful for all the things she has learnt and wants to continue producing educational videos on YouTube to help the next generation.

Melody believes that our exam-oriented education system is very efficient from the society’s standpoint. It is not the best, but we as individuals can hardly change anything. What people can do is to be adaptive to the environment and always have faith in themselves and the future.


經過努力和奮鬥,Melody最終完成了她一直以來所嚮往的目標。但在進入社會後,卻意識到自己在多年的應試訓練下,思維僵化,而且缺乏創造力。她還發現,香港社會傾向於將收入水平和職業作為衡量人們價值的重要因素。儘管如此,她仍對自己所學到的東西心存感激,並希望在 YouTube 上繼續製作教育視頻,為幫助下一代以及教育事業略盡綿力。


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