Studying in a prestigious secondary school and then a well-known local university, LTK did not choose to side with the usual and easy path: focusing on grades, finding internships, having a stable job with a decent income guaranteed, and then calling it a life. LTK lives with a fervent desire to become a local lyrics writer, and she has made a considerable amount of sacrifices to go into this unusual industry. What might be barely imaginable is that LTK has only started writing lyrics since the preparation of DSE. However, discovering her interest only when she was almost an adult has neither deterred her from putting colossal seriousness into the dream nor determined her slim chance of success. LTK has made it to a well-recognised master class in year 2. While her peers are all focusing on their studies and career planning, LTK admits the importance and rarity of owning one’s passion with a strong clarity in order to persist. Nevertheless, LTK enjoys what she is doing in everyday life. She said, “even if I die any day, I will not have any regrets because I am living every day doing what I enjoy”.

The idea of diversity could be observed through LTK’s different commitments. LTK aspires to alter the culture of the cantopop industry. She has observed the vicious cycle in the industry, where songs are only created based on limited themes which revolve mainly around love and romance. In fact, the vicious cycle could not be blamed on one single sector, but on the interaction between the trinity of performers, creators and consumers. The narrow market taste may have lured the creators to produce songs of similar genres and sounds, but these songs of a similar kind may have in turn nurtured and intensified the focused appreciation of one single type of music. Ultimately, she dreams of writing lyrics that listeners will pause and think about.



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