When asked about the ideal jobs, young people always talk about being investment bankers, entrepreneurs, or consultants. Johnson wants to be a farmer. To be specific, he wants to own a farm, a high-tech one that farms itself. Majoring in computer engineering, he hopes to make use of his knowledge and skills to build an automated farm in the future when he has saved enough money to become a landowner.

Despite having a beautiful dream, Johnson has some concerns about his future. He is struggling to adapt to the cultural changes in Hong Kong. Since the handover of Hong Kong, things have been changing drastically and rapidly. There is no way to tell if these changes are good or bad, it is just that things that existed in Johnson’s childhood are constantly fading and living in Hong Kong is getting increasingly difficult.

Johnson does not have lots of material desires. To him, success is just being able to enjoy life and do what he wants. Money and fame are barely relevant to what Johnson is chasing after.

香港社會普遍認為投資銀行家、企業家或顧問是一份理想工作,但Johnson卻有著不一樣的職業規劃,他希望在將來可以成為一名農民。 具體而言,主修計算機工程的他,期望在未來能夠憑藉自己的努力購置一塊農地,並運用所學的專業建立一個自動化耕作的農場。


Johnson並不是個追求物質的人。 對他來說,成功就只是享受生活、做自己想做的事情,不關乎金錢和名望。

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