Not gifted with academic capabilities, Humor has grown up with a variety of non-academic talents: dancing, video making and swimming. Humor might not have been the best performer in his studies, but he was fortunate enough that both his teacher and parents were open-minded enough to accept him for his endeavours in non-academic interests. Having participated in dancing competitions overseas at a young age and made award-winning videos afterwards, Humor then settled on being a dancing tutor. Recognising that not everyone is born to be book-smart or academically strong, he still does not recommend youths to give up studying, at least not until they have figured out and planned ahead what they want to do in their lives.

In reality, not everyone is lucky enough to support oneself financially with his non-academic strength, given that most employers attach indispensable importance to a candidate’s academic qualification. Humor is not an exception who easily turns his hobbies into a career. Stretching to make ends meet, Humor quit his job as a dancing tutor and has been working in an office while leaving his paramount hobbies to his free time. Despite the born difficulties and the challenges that come with it, it is worth noting that Humor is a hopeful youth.



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