Ho Yu Sum

Yu Sum excels academically; being an SEN doesn’t stop him from achieving great results with multiple stars in DSE, and he maintained his status as a top student in university. Yu Sum knows marks are important but finds them meaningless for a fulfilling life. Yu Sum believes one should be working for something which matches his/her motivation to be successful. Yu Sum can definitely feel his motivation burning out.

Yu Sum is trying to find his dream once again. However, it is not easy for him as Yu Sum's SEN conditions restrained him from finding new friends. University lectures teach things which he finds useless for the future, and he doesn't have friends to ask for ideas. Dreamless and friendless, Yu Sum is unsure of his future; he can't find subjects he likes and is clueless about work. The biggest issue of all is his lost dream and motivation, which was his compass to the future.

Yu Sum wishes that the government and companies can provide more opportunities for the younger generation to work and have a taste for society, so that they can find their own dream and ambition, and not be trapped in the same situation he is facing now with the lack of essential skills.He hopes Hong Kong can be peaceful once more so he can find and fight for his dream and start sailing to his future.




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