Starting from singing along her music lesson textbooks, Eva has come a long way to become a musical theatre actress. She took an extraordinary route of practising singing on her own after taking up a major role in her high school’s musical. Now Eva is en route to living her aspiration as she has landed herself an opportunity to be on stage as a professional musical theatre actress.
Other than being an aspiring musical theatre actress, she is also a strong advocate of sustainability and looks to make an impact on society through her own actions. In recent years, she has taken up thrifting as one of the major ways to make her life more sustainable. Her encounters with sustainability started with her trip to Georgia, one of the poorer countries in the world. The trip was a wake-up call for her, as she felt she was not contributing enough to the world living in one of the most resourceful cities in the world. She envisions herself to continue contributing to the world’s sustainability projects and sees it as her lifelong goal.



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